Drop by Drop

Umair Zia's Nature Tutor_Emily Dickinson2

A Drop fell on the Apple Tree –
Another – on the Roof –
A Half a Dozen kissed the Eaves –
And made the Gables laugh –
A few went out to help the Brook,
That went to help the Sea –
Myself Conjectured were they Pearls –
What Necklaces could be –
The Dust replaced, in Hoisted Roads –
The Birds jocoser sung –
The Sunshine threw his Hat away –
The Bushes – spangles hung –
The Breezes brought dejected Lutes –
And bathed them in the Glee –
The Orient put out a single Flag,
And signed the Fete away

It is an experience of profoundness, to watch the raindrops, to see as they make their journey to the ground. How they shower everything with happiness. How they disperse over the land, falling here and there, irrigating the fields, washing the leaves. The rain has a soothing sound, that’s enhanced with the choirs of birds. The breeze smells of the earth and water, and the soul is delighted within.

Title: Summer Shower
Year of Poem: 1890
Writer: Emily Dickinson
Birthplace of Writer: United States